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Psy_man Sales
Sales permission granted on 04/07/11 by dakajojo
Community Feedback: HERE!

ATTENTION: This sales post has not been updated in a very long time, you can ask if i have something still, but for all intents and purposes this sales post is closed.

I ship from the USA.
Shipping prices for inside USA are $2.50 a figure and $1 for each additional figure
Shipping prices for outside USA are $4.00 a figure and $1 for each additional figure
please ask about shipping for non-figure items
If you want insurance or delivery confirmation let me know.

I do all transactions through Paypal

I will hold an Item for 24 hours unless asked for more time.

Usually ship packages every Friday

Remember if you buy to put your community name, and what you ordered in a note with paypal payment

I am more than willing to negotiate on prices. can't hurt to ask.

I am more than happy to trade for my WANTS, or other things I find interesting.

6x Ho-oh  TFG: $4 each
6x Lugia TFG: $4 each
14x Eevee TFG: $3 each
6x Zangoose TFG: $3 each
11x Salamence TFG: $3 each
14x Turtwig TFG: $2 each
17x Chimchar TFG: $2 each
13x Piplup TFG: $2 each

Or this whole set of 8 for $15 (shipping is $5 in U.S. or $8 outside  U.S.)
Turtwig, Piplup, and chimchar set is $5, $8 shipped

5x Corsola TFG: $5  each  
1x Voltorb TFG: $5 each
2x Nidoran (male) TFG: $5 each

3x Machop TFG: $5 each
2x Teddiursa TFG: $5 each
5x Meowth TFG: $5 each

Doduo TFG: $7
Charizard TFG: $10
2x Mareep TFG: $5 each

2x Absol TFG: $5 each
Beedril TFG: $10
Torchick TFG: $5

2x Spearow TFG: $6 each
4x Sentret TFG: $5 each
3x Weezing TFG: $5 each

4x Treeko TFG: $3 each
3x Pikachu TFG: $4 each
2x Murkrow TFG: $5 each

2x Abra TFG: $8 each
Dratini TFG: $8 

Scyther TFG: $7
Skarmony TFG: $10

Raichu*  TFG: $8
2x Feraligatr TFG: $7 each

5x Kyogre TFG: $4 each
Brendan* TFG: $5

Marill TFG: $6
Mudkip TFG: $7
Shroomish TFG: $7

Raticate TFG: $8
Geodude TFG*: $8

*one of the best looking TFG's imho

Hariyama TFG*: $5

He arrived pulled off of his base, and was rattling around in the package, all the pugs were fine so he was able to reattach perfectly but the rattling caused a lot of paint rubs. here is a closer picture:

Red TFG: $8
Yellow TFG: $8

2x Bayleef TFG: $7each
Heracross TFG: $7

2x Manphy TFG: $6
Serviper TFG:$8
3x Tyranitar TFG: $5
3x Pinsir TFG: $5
2x Tailow TFG: $5

Suicune TFG: $10*

Like many, suicune TFG's one of the fragile butt ribbons was broken upon arrival. but a dab of glue and it should look decent, heres a close up of the damage

ALSO: i'll take offers on any of the additional Materials that came with the ground breakers starters.... cause you know you'd like a poster of the set you can't actually get.

Card Backs - has all 42 ground breakers in photo (x2 red - 1kind of damaged, x1 blue)

Checklist poster (x2, one on hold)

Anyone want to actually play? you'll need a game board (x3)

and the rule book (x3)

Each figure comes with a spinning base, if you don't specify if you want black or white i'll give you a random one.


$5 each


cool poke plate $3

Make an offer, i don't know enough about them, i like them but am afraid of getting hooked into collecting another toy line.
(SOLD: Groudon)

lastly i have these neat pogs, feel free to add one to your order for 50 cents, or make an offer on the lot.

(Sold: Squirtle, and Wartortle)

Blastoise: $10
Swampert: $8

Pikachu: $8
Rayquaza: $15


Hey about our trade I'm just having trouble with Bandai's website it denied my card before =\ so I'm going to try again

ok ... sorry for making it complicated for you ... but i really appreciate your help

Oh hi!

I believe i bought a few TFG's from a GA D: But i forgot to pay shipping ;_;

Do you have a link back to the spreadheet page thing? <3


here is the link to the origonal GA post the spreadsheet is on there

though I should warn you there have been some concerns with snowball21 getting shipments out. he assurs me though that he will be getting them out soon.

Oooh, how much would Brock be to the UK?

Derp, reread your post ^^; Can I get Brock please?

Hi~ I'm interested in Skamory but I have some questions before I commit. About how tall is the figure? I want to make sure he'd fit in my shelf. Also, is the base removable like this?

I-I'm sorry for all the strange questions. ^^;


the figure is roughly 2 inches tall, and the base on it is glued on. if you were delicate you could probably remove it without breaking the smaller base, though i don't know if the small base would have enough support to keep the figure from falling over.

that is if I'm understanding you correctly, the picture you attached is the same figure from the check sheet so it has the same base, but just doesn't have the stickers with its game moves on it.

Hello! I'd like Charizard, Lugia and Ho-oh shipped to Italy! :)

sounds good it'll be $26. if this works go ahead and send paypal payment to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail[dot]com

I don't suppose you happen to have another Zard would you? T.T

I do actually. i had 2 ... akihio bought one and i updated the post to say just the one was left ... i'll hold it till i hear back from you.

I want to buy these pokemons:

set of 8 for $15
Charizard; dratini, abra, mareep, corsola
How much with ship. included (Brazil, zip code 18610-180)

Hello, unfortunately i started the day with 2 charizards, one sold and katcheecricket has already inquired about the second. I'm waiting till he responds to confirm if he wants it still. if not it is yours but everything else should still be available. I'll let you know more when i do.

could i get misty to the uk please? :D

sure thing it'll be $13. please send payment to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail[dot]com

Can I get Lugia, Absol and Torchic to Germany please? :3

you sure can, it'll be $21. if that works for you please send payment to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail[dot]com

do you happen to have another charizard?

unfortunately i do not, sorry.

Do you still have Torchic? ;_________;

Also, can I have Groundon too? To Canada :3

I do, together they will be $13, plus shipping which $5 to Canada

if this work please send $18 to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail.com with your order and user name in the message

misty still available!? to 11790 if so :D

she is, it'll be $12.50 shipped.

if this works please send payment to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail.com with your order and user name in the message

is red brendan (aka Landon) still available?

yes he is, it'll be 12.50 after shipping if you live in the U.S.A. or $14 for anywhere else.

if this works please send payment to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail.com with your order and user name in the message

can I get an absol and I have no idea what to offer on the mightyena, but I'm very interested. $5? Willing to go higher.

You can surly get an absol, though i might have to wait for a higher offer on mightyena since I've seen them sell for $40 on here in good condition.

can I get salamence, Lugia and weezing to Brazil please?

you sure can, it will be $15 for the figures and $6 for shipping.

If this works for you please send $21 to shady_living_slugg[at]hotmail.com with your order and user name in the message